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Dual Mass flywheel (DMF) conversions

DMF replacement

Modern Driving wouldn’t be as refined without a DMF and that’s why manufacturers are fitting them to more of their cars. But with problems of misdiagnosis and high replacement costs, not everyone sees them in such a positive light. I get lots of questions about these from customers when they bring their cars in for mot


The periodic combustion characteristics of a four stroke engine inevitably create torque fluctuations that amplify torsional vibration passed down the drivetrain. The result is general roughness, noise, vibration and body boom which can conspire to make things unpleasant for the drivers and passengers. The aim of the DMF is to add refinement by isolating as much of the drivetrain as possible from the torsional vibration caused by the engine’s rotating mass via an integral spring damper system.

The first generation DMF’s were introduced in 1985 and fitted to six cylinder diesel engines (BMW) to help reduce vibration at low resonance speeds. However as engines evolved – becoming lighter, less polluting and producing more power through the use of fewer cylinders.


Assuming that wear is diagnosed, replacement is the obvious option. However there is another cheaper alternative which is to fit a 4 in 1 solid flywheel conversion. The conversion kits we offer commonly feature a long travel damper system and a heavier flywheel which mimic the effect of the DMF in reducing vibration.


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