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MOT Testing

The mot scheme was brought into effect in the early 1960’s and was primarily designed to improve road safety, it has evolved greatly through the years mainly because of global warming legislation demanding the restriction of exhaust gases.

The actual mot test takes on average 45 mins depending on the age and type of car

Assessement of vehicle components

assessement of components with regard to wear Simply because it is actually not really practicable to put down limits of wear and tear as well as tolerances for just about all types components on different models of automobile, mot testers are expected to make use of experiance and judgement is definitely assessing the actual condition involving the component. The main requirements to be used when making such an assessement are whether the component seems to have arrived at the stage where it is obviously very likely to affect detrimentally the roadworthiness of the vehicle. whether the condition of the component has obviously reached the period when renewal , car repair or even modification is actually required.

No rules means no consistency …

With no rules on advisory notes,

everybody is right, nobody is wrong!

Unsurprisingly the resulting inconsistencies

confuse motorists who don’t

realise that the advisories notes with

their pass or failure certificates have

no ‘official’ stamp of approval.

Some mistakenly believe that the

MOT is a gilt-edged assurance that

their vehicles are safe for another

year: So an advisory list of potentially

defective items, accompanying

the pass certificate causes confusion!

Of course, not. all Testing Stations

‘load up’ the advisories to get more

work. Many carefully explain to their

customers the issues involved and

degree of urgency (or not) of different

advisories. Sadly others are less

honest and use advisories to ‘up-sell’

and increase revenue.

Different advisories

Altogether; last year there were just

under 30 million advisory notes.

The· most were on tyres only just

meeting the I .6mm requirement,

with 4 million associated with passes,

and another 2.5 million with failures.

Slight wear in ball joints accounted

for 2.3 million advisories, with just

acceptable brake pad/lining wear

coming third at just over a million.

By and large advisory notes fall into


Degree of wear: This gives

the motorist at least a ‘heads up’

if an item has only just passed

the MOT standard. It applies

to tyre wear, disc pad thickness,

wear in steering and suspension

joints and so on. In discussion

after the MOT the motorist

should be given a balanced

view as to how long it might

be before the item concerned

would deteriorate excessively.

Corrosion: This can pose real

Some recent advisory notes written out during an MOT

inspection. Currently advisories are not part of the formal

MOT inspection, but when the latest EU Directive takes

effect in future, that will all change.

problems. Sometimes it is difficult

to accurately assess corrosion

– and just the following

week it might be significantly

weaker – or somebody might

have had a go at it with a screwdriver,

or it may be covered with

undersea! or filler and be difficult

to assess. Here, to guard

against future issues, the Tester

might advise of’extensive surface

corrosion’, or ‘repair coated

in undersea!’, or some other

caveat providing evidence of the

situation ‘on the day’ to refer to

in the future.

Inspection difficulties:

Plastic covers concealing ‘testable

items’, and other problems

making it specifically difficult or

impossible to inspect an MOT Testable


Non-Testable Items: If the

car is road tested to check the

brakes, there may be a problem

with the clutch, or the gearbox

or some other component

unconnected with the MOT. This

has to be worth noting. It might

be helpful to confirm the identity

of the car at some future

stage if that is in doubt (‘ringers’

for example), or to confirm

that the defect was extant at the

time of road test – just in case

the owner suggests that it was

perfectly all right before it was

MOT Tested.And some owners

might be pleased to have the

problem noted and be given

MOT BlackpoolCar service

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