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Car Welding For MOT

Many a customer has wondered about the reasons for and the criteria for Mot failure when it comes to corrosion. VOSA stipulate that corrosion can only be assessed as a fail if it is close to a load bearing item or stress point, 30 cm to be exact, the best way this can be explained is imagine a 60cm ball then put in the centre the corrosion area if any thing important such as suspension part, steering, seat mounting brake component etc falls inside this measurement then this is known as a prescribed area, therefore when a car service is due it is important to check for corrosion at any early onset and treat before it gets to the point of failure.

Corrosion assessment

The correct tool for assesing corrosion is a small hammer shaped object with a chisel end for checking corrosion on brake pipes by gently rubbing at the corrosion to check the depth of rust. The T shape has 2 plastic ends to be us

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